a dream that I had

Nov. 15th - Dec. 15th, 2019

An exhibition examining the interactivity between the spiritual and creative.

Kilo Kish explores the sacrificial nature of the artists’ path. Opening on November 15th, this show marks her second solo show at HVW8 Art + Design Gallery Los Angeles.

The show features a 3-channel film euphoric featuring artist interviews and the revelations that come from creative practice.

“When I started interviewing the artists, I was so inspired by their willingness to suffer for a calling they found pure. Their audacity made them saintly to me. I wanted to explore belief in one’s art and the way it relates to religious faith and spiritual calling. Creative practice almost becomes a religion. And I think, through it, you become closer to God.”

The show will feature an interactive “audio-visual room of the mind” where visitors become a part of the creative process.

The title of the show BLESSED ASSURANCE comes from a hymn. “This entire show came to me in a dream. I find it intriguing to create a physical space from a mindset and an openness that I feel so connected to as a driving force. I’m happy to explore the act of making as its very own reward. Its very own promise and certainty.”

There’s a sparkling sculptural altar that represents all creative vision, belief, and worth created through the work. “It is the embodiment of unattainable perfection. Creatives are constantly running towards a promised land that is somehow always out of reach.”



Collaborative music exploration experience using sounds and samples from the mothe EP. 

a moth grows in secret 

without fanfare 

without adoration

without incubators 

and field trips 

with no tapping on the glass

without beauty without color 

and in silence

at the same time 

with the same wings 

with the same bit of energy 

without a chip 

a moth opens itself 

in a world of 

beautifully finished things 

still neutral and gelled 

conjuring its ways by night 

ever attracted

ever unnoticed 

with some slight allowance 

a moth flies


July 7th - August 13, 2017

HVW8 Gallery is pleased to present Real — Safe a multi-medium collection of installation works by Los Angeles based artist Kilo Kish. Through film, performance, and immersive soundscapes Kish aims to create the fabricated nature of our online interactions in real life. The exhibition explores the poles of reality, which she has deemed hyper-reality, perceived reality, and actuality. Her performance installation confronts our need for personal space in public and freedom online. Through strategic musical composition and timing, she tests comfortable and uncomfortable forms of attention in public.

In addition to the performance installation, various film-works created in collaboration with photographers Sam Massey and Emmanuel Olunkwa will be on view in the adjacent gallery. These films allude to similar subjects on her debut LP, “Reflections in Real Time”, including the relationship between technology and our emotional wellbeing. These films reflect mundane moments transformed to grandeur through social media and online interaction.

Real — Safe softly surveils the curatorial labor of the viewer in self-presentation, performativity, and self-importance, and reciprocates the exchange value of that virtualized selfhood back to the reader. An exploitative embrace that creates a loving singularity between past object, present subject, and future context, Real — Safe accelerates past the ninth circle of self-referential hell and triggers blissfully blasé consensual appropriation.

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